Gender specific: For Mental Health & Substance Abuse

In recognition of the disparities in health service access, provision, and outcome, AIMBHC provides culturally competent, gender specific, trauma informed and evidenced based treatment programs that have proven efficacy with an urban population, minorities, men, women and adults of various ages and trauma survivors. Based upon the need and history of the patient, AIMBHC has the following evidence-based practices available:

1) Helping Men Recover/Helping Women Recover: Gender specific, evidenced based AODA treatment programs that incorporate the different lived experiences of men and women that brought them to substance abuse and addiction and the differences that will allow them to recover.

2) Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM for women and M-TREM for men ), an approach that considers the context of historical trauma within which a large proportion of both men and women develop behavioral health disorders. Trauma experiences for men and women are different. We recognize these different experiences and allow men and women the safety of gender specific groups to heal from these traumatic experiences.

3) Seeking Safety: A Cognitive Behavioral Based Therapy that focuses on developing the coping skills necessary to allow a person suffering from substance abuse to overcome past trauma and live a life in recovery.

4) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), which addresses the difficulty with emotional distress and regulation difficulties commonly seen in those with behavioral health disorders.

Additional individual, group and family based treatment services are available in the following topic areas: family therapy, evaluations and testing, school based assessments, Anger Management, Parenting Education, Smoking Cessation, and reentry/reunification services for people involved with the Criminal Justice system and/or those who are returning to the community.

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